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Leicestershire & Rutland County F.A. Affiliation Number LOC0037. Charity Number CH2500


Beaumont Town Football Club News


Club Statement 15th November 2016.


With reference to recent items printed in the Leicester Mercury in relation to DeMontfort University and Beaumont Town Football Club, I Nick Langton General Secretary of BTFC would like to set all these matters straight with documentation to back it up.


Let us be clear that the facilities at Beaumont Park now completed are great but were not delivered on time. Three months into the football season and we have yet to set foot on the new grass pitches. Beaumont Town football Club have yet to be informed that these pitches are available to play on. In a previous media story covered by DMU, the first game on the new grass pitches would be DMU v BTFC. The trophy to represent this was purchased by BTFC and labelled (The Square Mile Trophy) it sits behind the bar in the clubhouse.


Type into your Google search engine Beaumont Town football Club and at the bottom of the article it reads.


To celebrate the completion of the project, BTFC will take on DMUFC in September 2016 with the ‘Square Mile Challenge Trophy’ being presented to the winner. Look out for more information on this exciting event later in the year.

Posted on Thursday 14th January 2016


Beaumont Town FC had a training schedule in place following the licence agreed and signed by both parties as from 17th August 2015 some 15 months ago.


Prior to that agreement BTFC had unrestricted access to that of Beaumont Park and at no stage did DMU suggest that they would be restricting the clubs access once they had their foot in the door.


Furthermore, over the first 12 months of the agreed licence DMU accepted that the committee of BTFC had the keys to operate as they had previously done so under the Leicester City Council for some years. It was only when DMU wanted to change the training timetable to suite themselves that cracks started to appear within the relationship. During this period of time DMU offered little if no systems in which they wanted the club to adopt under this shared partnership and at first hand as the club secretary I am very uncomfortable that it could be suggested we have fell short in any cooperation.


Beaumont Town football Club has sent its members to alternative venues in and around Beaumont Leys to accommodate fixtures during the past 15 months, they’ve trudged through mud and sludgy water to get to the far pitches in the cold and wet. I can see once the members observed the completion of the development why you would feel upset at the restricted access to a club that has been established for more than 30 years.


In more than one statement to the media it was stated that DMU has provided extended training times for the club. The extended times however were conveniently left out of these media comments.


The facts are that the club had no choice other than to except the enforced changes in the training timetable and that the extended times given served no purpose to the teams at the club. On behalf of the club and in my position as the club secretary I did not want to accept the changes and struggled to understand some of the time changes suggested.


I have spoken with many clubs in and around the county and including DMU to ask the question what clubs start training at 4pm?


How could the club request that the coaches/managers are to leave work to make these so called additional hours and that’s without asking the parents to jump through hoops by changing their own personal timetables to suite that of DMU’S. Some parents have more than one child and have other activities to attend other than football.


We have 28 teams crammed in to one full size ATP pitch three evenings a week with Tuesday training finishing at 8pm the remainder 10pm. Saturday morning training starts from 8.30am until 11.15am to accommodate fixtures. The new training schedule implemented includes Friday nights prior to the games Saturday and Sunday. We had the whole of Beaumont Park before the restricted access was implemented seven days a week. To add, some of the DMU teams train more than once a week during their usage.


The re decoration of the internal rooms within the clubhouse have witnessed our club identity striped and it was only the mercury article last week that prompted the rush to replace our internal personal history of the club back on to the walls where it came from. Hopefully this will be appropriately addressed in the future.


It is not for me to make comments that are close to reality that can mislead people by bending the nature of the words used. I like to deal with the truth and the facts and I have the paperwork to back it up. 


Monday’s Protest,


I was made aware of the first of a number of peaceful protests to be made by the community of Beaumont Leys later yesterday evening following a lot of hearsay that it was going to happen. These people are extremely passionate about the area and indeed the football club in the heart of it. The people have a voice and I guess are frustrated at being told there better off than they were before the partnership began.


Kind regards


Nick Langton

General Secretary


Beaumont Town Football Club.